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TOPIC: Software Defined Radio - What is it exactly, what it isn't, why it's cool, how you can try it.

Welcome to TechNight
The free and open meeting of ham radio and electronics hobbyists

TechNight is held every 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 7-10 PM, at the Grady Research Building in Ayer, MA.

TechNight is open to anyone with an interest in radio or electronics, from age 6 to 100. Though it is directed mainly at the Ham Radio enthusiast, it also covers general electronics and computers. Amongst the marvels of radio, we will discuss things like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ARM Cortex and the like, and even a little about LINUX and PC applications that work with radios. Meetings also include a period where anyone can ask questions about anything, or repair and test stuff people bring in. On occasion, the meeting will involve building a kit of some sort, that the participants have agreed to buy as a group. See the Topics page for more details.

The meetings are informal and open to suggestions. If you have any doubt if you belong here, show up anyway and give it a try. Always happy to see newcomers. Dan would be happy to see a 10 year old kid show up who is very curious about technical things and needs a mentor to show the way and teach the basics.