In the Collage (from Dan):

These are all pictures from 2017, things I've done this year.
Not in any order, there is the back of my EME dish, the balun from my beverage antenna, the guts of a model 27 teleprinter (the one with the square block of letters that moves around and a stationary hammer hits the right one, really neat to watch), there's my CRT collection (I have over 100 now), there's my optical communications source up on a tower (a WRTC tower no less...), with a voltmeter showing the voltage on the 1W LED, there's a very nice network analyzer that goes to 50 GHz testing a TR relay for EME, there's an X-band rod antenna I started to build one of, there's a precision GPS feed, there's a Hughes satellite transmitter, which runs a watt at 30 GHz, found it on the side of the road, there's a 1949 Briggs engine running a brushless motor generating 600W 3-phase, there's me next to the NRAO antenna in NH, there's a wood form to make a yoke on for a 5" CRT with magnetic deflection, there's a 220 MHz transverter PA, the W1GHZ version, There's my new camping 3-band trap antenna all wound up on wood brackets, there's my DDS board tuned to 20M, there's a spectrum analyzer display of several things, the return loss of some of my HF antennas, and the gain and NF of a wideband LNA we have at work, there's me in my clean room bunny suit, there's my son and I taking down a tower, cutting the chain grown into a large tree, there's a radar IF board from about 1968, there's the building with the NDB transmitter PYA in it running at 260 KHz, there's the test circuit for a 6 meter front end coil, there's the $3 china DC-DC converter that makes a great power supply for anything. The one thing these have in common is that they are all future TechNight topics. If you stick around, you'll hear about all this.
There's one picture I missed. If you can identify which one, and what exactly it is, I'll give you a Raspberry Pi Zero at the next TechNight.